Trailblazers 2nd Round Dressage – Championship Qualifier @ High Cross Equestrian Centre

Venue: High Cross Equestrian Centre
Discipline: Dressage
Test: Prelim 7 Judge Sandra Saunders
Percentage: 70% Place: 2nd
Discipline: Dressage
Test: Prelim 13 (Q) Judge: Sandra Saunders
Percentage: 68.75% Place: 4th (QUALIFIED)
Our first trip to High Cross, it was cold a very windy today and both the warm up and test arenas were outside.  Lots of shouting for Mrs Chalmers!!!
Prelim 7
I was pleased with this test – with the exception of the walk work there Finn got tense and jogged/anticipated.  Finn didn’t get upset going away from the warm-up arena to the test arena and settled down to work straight away.  The Judge’s comments were: “Much to like, just needs to become more relaxed and free in the walk work”.  This is fair – the walk work is still quite tense and Finn jogged across E to B, she also anticipated the trot after picking her up from the Free Walk.  We had a nice run of 8’s on the test sheets, with a 4 and a 6 for the walk work bringing the overall score down to 70%.
Prelim 13 (Qualifier)

This test didn’t feel as relaxed as the first – strangely Finn was spooky and more uptight before we even got into the arena, even though it was the same arena, same set up etc. etc.  In any event, when she did relax and listen the trot and canter work felt good, and the walk work was a bit better.  The Judge’s comments were: “Much to like, occasional moments of unbalance and attention loss – quickly corrected, and some correct work shown”.

Thankfully we achieved a score of 68.75% and were placed 4th – which means we have qualified for the Trailblazers Championships again this year.  Hurrah!!!