Trailblazers Dressage at Kingswood EC

Venue: Kingswood Equestrian Centre
Discipline: Dressage
Test: Prelim 4 Judge Jane Ratcliffe
Percentage: 67.73% Place: 3rd (Qualified)
Discipline: Dressage
Test: Prelim 12 Judge: Justine York
Percentage: 68% Place: 3rd (Qualified)
Another chance to qualify for 2014 Trailblazers Dressage Championships.  I wasn’t as organised as I should have been today – I had forgotten my gloves so had to call Chris to bring them to me at Kingswood.  I had forgotten that the XKR was in the garage for repair after my crash, so poor Chris had to come on his bike!  It was boiling hot too!!
Not a bad day – but I was a bit disappointed with our performance , however, Finn still felt a little stiff/jarred in front so not totally surprised with the results today – will take Nicky Lickley’s advice and get Emma Dainty out to see her.  I need to find a way to get Finn to be more attentive during the test, am I getting tense and transmitting this to her?  Need some help with this, however, Lynsey says that I ride a test much better than I school at home!
Prelim 4 – Jane Ratcliffe’s comments were: “Nicely active paces – all on correct scales so far – now needs to take weight on hinds to develop self carriage and balance”.  A lovely test.”
Prelim 12 – Justine York’s comments were: “A lovely forward thinking horse with lots to like.  Just occasional lapse in concentration and confidence causing outline to vary.  Tactfully ridden – Well Done!”