Trailblazers Friday Night Show Jumping – Kingswood EC

Venue: Kingswood Equestrian Centre
Discipline: Show Jumping – Trailblazers 2013/2014 Series Qualifier
Class: 85cm Result: Clear Round
  Place: 5th (Qualified)
Discipline: Show Jumping – Trailblazers 2013/2014 Series Qualifier
Class: 95cm Result: 12 faults
  Place: Not Placed

It was another glorious evening and Kingswood was heaving – there were over 30 entries in the 85cm class!  Decided to enter both the 85cm and the 95cm classes to make it a worth-while trip.  Finn warmed up nicely and was listening, attentive, soft and relaxed.  We did a lovely clear round, using the arena well.  I was thinking about setting her up for the turns and ensuring that we weren’t too close into the take-off point.  Was really pleased with the clear – we qualified first round for the Trailblazers Show Jumping 2014 Championship .

It seemed like a very long time to wait for the 95cm class, we stood chatting outside the arena for a little while and then went to have a quick warm up – one or two fences – before our turn.  Finn didn’t want to enter the arena this time and started to run backwards – she was chased forward by Becki Pearce and we started around the arena.  I really didn’t have her listening and started my round too early on that count – I should have circled her to ensure she was with me!  We had the first fence down and then two others, resulting in 12 faults – the lesson here is to ensure that MY mind is on the job before we commence our round.

We arrived home late – but I was still pleased with the 85cm clear round.   A good lesson for me regarding getting my act together before starting to jump – I won’t do that again……….