Unaffiliated ODE @ Aston-le-Walls

Dressage Test: BE95 (2012) Judge: Jane Carruthers Dressage Mark: 31.0
SJ Jumping Penalties: 0 SJ Time Penalties: 0
XC Jumping Penalties: 0 XC Time Penalties: 0 XC Time: 4.12
 XC Distance: nk XC Optimum Time: 4.23 Placing: 3rd /41

Our first event since the fall at Ascott-Under-Wychwood and feeling positive!  We’ve done our homework and Finn is feeling good – I just need to ride like I mean it today!  Went in the big Oakley with Ibby today, Finn was playing nanny to George and Doris – and luckily she was very well behaved.  Marie and Shannon were helping so had lots of company.

The dressage was in the main arena on the surface and felt good, think we were harshly marked though in the second canter transition as the judge commented that we cantered early – we didn’t in my view – we cantered at the C marker, we were then marked down again for the canter transition because it was early – awarded 6 for both movements.  If both had been sevens then this would have pushed our score up to 30 and we’d have been second.  But you have to respect the judge’s decision……  Finn also stepped back in the halt earning us another 6.  Some positive and very fixable things to work on.  Judge’s comments: “An attractive horse and pleasing work shown, needs a slightly more uphill way of going for the 8’s”. 

image8 (2)

Watched Ibby and George Show Jumping and realised that the course builder was the same guy from Ascott-Under-Wychwood – I went up to him, he remembered us (of course he did) and wished us luck!

Ibby worked me in for the SJ and Finn felt really good.  We got ourselves together in the ring and started our round, then she had a big spook in the corner before the 3rd but I managed to keep her together and finished clear – was such a relief.  Finn has definitely suffered no ill effects mentally from her fall and we can now move forward from that one.

The course builder looked chuffed for us and gave a Finn a big pat and said “well done – much better than the last one”!!

image5 (2)image2

image4 (2)

I was on a high and got ready for the XC, I had walked it earlier with Ibby and knew exactly how I was going to ride each fence.  We had a great round, Finn was really forward and taking me to the fences, really enjoying herself.  We finished clear and quite well inside the time.

Was very proud to receive the rosette and prize money – we finished behind Bruce Haskell (NZ), on the same score but Bruce was closer to the optimum time.   I wasn’t really bothered about the placing, I was just thrilled to have gone double clear.  The rosette and prize money (£30 voucher for Aston-le-Walls facilities) was the cream on top.

Extra carrots for Finn tonight xximage1 (2)