Unaffiliated ODE at Keysoe

Dressage Test: BE92 (2009) Judge: Dressage Mark: 34
SJ Jumping Penalties: 0 SJ Time Penalties: 0
XC Jumping Penalties: 20 XC Time Penalties: 0

An unexpected entry to Keysoe!  I went in place of Ibby who was entered on Thorn (Saddlers Innis Thorn); she decided that she didn’t want to go and offered the entry to me.

I was on my own again, it was a good job I think as the organisation left a lot to be desired! Walking the XC course it felt rather twisty, it didn’t really flow too well and the fences were quite big I thought!

The dressage was great and ran perfectly to time, Finn worked in well and did an ok test – she spooked at the markers sitting on bread baskets a few times and tensed up – but she was obedient and tried to listen.  The judge’s comments were: “Willing horse who tries hard for you, now needs to push more from behind so she can come lighter in the shoulders”.

We had to wait 45 minutes after our allotted time for the Show Jumping, which was strict drawn order.  Good job it was a nice day – we stood in the collecting ring (which was outside away from the warm-up) and watched the other horses go, enjoying the sunshine and noting the ‘bogey’ fences.  It was a big arena with 10 fences, a nice flowing course with lots of room between the fences – I was careful to ensure that I didn’t let her get long and flat between the fences, as there was so much room.  We warmed up with about 6 horses to go and Finn jumped a beautiful clear round.







Got ready for Cross Country and they were running over an hour late!  I walked her around the warm up area for about half an hour or so – then checking the board again, I realised that there was at least another 40 minutes to go before us (strict drawn order again).   I went back to the car, loosened everything off and tied her up.We started the XC round about an hour and a half after my allotted time!  She was very spooky and bouncing all over the place once we’d started the round.  I had to ride really positively to prevent her stopping.  She did stop and fence 5 – a brown box on the hill.  There were no distractions but she just slammed the brakes on – I ended up on her neck and managed to scramble back into the saddle – I smacked her and re-presented to the fence – which she jumped perfectly – WHY DOES SHE DO THIS!!!???









We walked back to the trailer and I washed her off etc.  Our next door neighbour came back from the XC (Rebecca Bullock and Teddy), Rebecca’s mother walked Teddy around the lorry park and Finn went berserk! She pulled herself free of her tie up and knocked me over, the ran around the lorry park like an idiot!  I got her back and tied her up again – she did it again…..  Breaking her black and orange lead rope in the process and badly bruising my hand.  Think she’s rather hormonal at the moment and the Stallion at the yard (Fritz)  is not helping!

I was a bit fed up driving home – but focusing on the show jumping cheered me up – when will we ever get it to all come together on the same day!  Must try harder……..