Vale View EC, Novice 27, 3 April 2022

Venue:Vale View Equestrian Centre
Discipline:Dressage – Unaffiliated
Test:Novice 27JudgeAlison Pepper

I said it last time, but I’m def not travelling anywhere with anyone else ever again! And this time I mean it (lol). Nash was a complete twit calling for Casper who was stood quietly on the lorry having done his prelim test an hour earlier, and throwing unnecessary shapes in the warm up. I’m not surprised that the judge thought the test was ‘safe’ – I was just trying to be very conservative in case he set off again!

Anyway, I was pleased with the test – I remembered where I was going, and didn’t have a caller…. Yes, I was not riding as boldly as I could have, and could have taken more risk. But happy I was able to settle Nash and get some decent work. A few 8’s – especially pleased with the 8 for the halt – which we’ve been working on at home!

The winning score was 72.6%; so not that far ahead of us. Looking at the pic, I’ve decided to get a new hat (as well as a jacket) if I’m concentrating on the dressage – I look like an undercover eventer, in (not very effective) stealth mode!

Judge’s comments:

“Well presented and harmonious partnership, and accurate test, now would like to see a little more risk, for a little more ‘wow factor’.