Newbold Verdon EC; British Dressage; P17a & N23; 18 June 2023

Venue: Newbold Verdon EC Discipline: Dressage – Trailblazers 2nd Round Qualifier Test: Prelim 17a Judge Sarah Jacklin Percentage: 66.21% Place: 1st Judge’s comments (Sarah Jacklin – C): “Some pleasing moments, now needing to encourage more suppleness over the back to aid balance and throughness to the contact, for higher marks.” ******** Venue: Newbold Verdon EC...

MDRC; Elementary 50; 15 June 2023

Venue: Misterton & District Riding Club Discipline: Dressage Test: Elementary 50 Judge Jonathan Canty Percentage: 66.25% Place: 1st Judge’s comments (Jonathan Canty – C): “Lovely willing horse, could now develop the engagement and self carriage further and opening the frame in the medium work for more consistent marks.” ********

Pickering Grange Equestrian; british dressage; p15 & n22; 10 june 2023

Venue: Pickering Grange Equestrian Discipline: Dressage – British Dressage Test: Prelim 15 Judge Jane Ellis Percentage: 70.6% Place: 1st (S) 2nd (O) Judge’s comments (Jane Ellis – C): “Rhythmic paces. Trot could have a bit more swing over the back to help suppleness but a willing horse and much to like.” ******** Venue: Pickering Grange...

Vale View Equestrian Centre; British Dressage; P.17a & N.28; 25 May 2023

Date: 25 May 2023 Affiliation BD Venue: Vale View Equestrian Centre Section: Silver Test: Preliminary 17a Score: 67.07% Judge C Ballantyne Placing: 2nd Judge’s comments: “Always nicely forward going and prompt off the aids. Must take more support from behind and develop a lighter forehand – esp. in canter and all related transitions. Canters with...

Lesson with Jane Peberdy; 27 May 2023

Key points from this lesson:1. Playing with the lateral movements: shoulder-in; travers; starting half pass2. Using the gears into and out of downward transitions to maintain balance and fluency, e.g. coming down the centre line and moving through the gears until he does not anticipate. A great exercise for Nash! Half halt/quarter halt and on...

Vale View Equestrian Centre; Trailblazers 2nd Rounds; N.28; 21 May 2023

Date: 21 May 2023 Affiliation Trailblazers Venue: Vale View Equestrian Centre Section: S/N Test: Novice 28 Score: 68.13% Judge Zoe Feeney Placing: 1st Q Trailblazers 2nd Rounds Qualification Judge’s comments: “A promising partnership producing a fluent test. Like the free walk steps, but now needs to demonstrate more athleticism and throughness for ease of movements.”

Lesson with Jane Peberdy; 14 May 2023

Jane had remembered that I had asked her to ride Nash to get a bit of a feel for him, which she did. She did say that he hung on to the left rein, she did quite a lot of work with him moving sideways (which he didn’t really appreciate lol) and ignoring the mini-tantrums...

MDRC; Elementary 49; 13 May 2023

Date: 13 May 2023 Affiliation British Riding Clubs Venue: MDRC Section: S/E Test: Elementary 49 Score: 64.33% Judge Jonathan Canty Placing: 1st Judge’s comments: “Lovely willing horse. Now needs more support from the hind leg to develop the self carriage and uphill balance to lift the marks. More marks to come with greater self carriage..”

MDRC; Elementary 44; 22 April 2023;

Date: 22 April 2023 Affiliation British Riding Clubs Venue: MDRC Section: S Test: Elementary 44 Score: 65.60% Judge Jane Carruthers Placing: 1st Judge’s comments: “An attractive horse and pleasing moments shown, now needs to maintain a more uphill way of going to maintain the higher marks at this level.”