Your Horse Live – Demo Notes

Ben Maher – Show Jumping

Open spaces between top and bottom pole to make horse think.
Swedish oxers.
Carry hands higher to help keep body more upright.
Dog-leg bends.
Lengthen and shorten canter.
Inside hand up and inside leg if tries to cut corners.
Push legs forward over jump.
Ride straight before and after jump.
Ride corner like driving car – brake before corner and drive through the turn. Have the horse take you forward through the turn.
Pole on ground short 3 strides after jump to encourage horse to land and wait. Either grid or single jump.

Mary King – XC

Feed bags with poles either side to simulate ditches.
Then ride ditch to fence first before fence to ditch.
Coffin: rail-ditch-rail. Need a more bouncy, short canter (coffin canter).

Karl Hester & Charlotte Dujardin – Dressage

Leg yield in canter v suppling
Don’t ride forward until horse is in balance
Give and retake reins to encourage self carriage.
Try and ride horse without the whip -knows when there is something about to happen. When you use it horse should react! Hopefully bring hind leg underneath.