Your Horse Live – Stoneleigh

Lucinda Fredericks
Lots of pole work focus on the paint where you want your horse’s feet to be
Woah and go!
Rein back
Canter – count the rhythm 12345678
Move the horse around

Seeing a stride
Keep your eye on the fence – don’t get distracted for even a split second!
Count the canter
Stay straight
Pole exercises in dressage saddle with jumps v small. Have some fun!!
Don’t go 321 when approaching a fence – it makes you press it!
Flying changes – horse must learn this!!
Must be adaptable. Shorten and lengthen……
The pure feed!

Oliver Townend & Geoff Billington
Transitions to keep horse’s attention.
Rein contact like a handshake: if push hands forward then horse should take the contact. Hold the hand all the way to the fence.
Allow horse to balance himself with its head neck and chin.

The Eilbergs
Clear gait steps through the transitions
More acute transitions
Work on transitions in the gait
Challenge the comfort zone – push boundaries
Walk is not a break – guidance at all times! Not like a giraffe!!
Spook – allow horse to look but to remain on the aids
What the horse offers always leaves room for 10% extra
Most important for flying change is quality of canter, straight and on the aids. Refresh with forward canter in between. Ride FORWARD to the change.